Carolinas Hierarchy of Needs
“Building People's Lives Today for a Better Tomorrow."

Our Story

In March of 2014, Shalakee Edwards, our founder, traveled to Atlanta, Georgia for a weekend trip with family. Unknown to her, her life's calling would be waiting for her there.

While staying in Atlanta, only a few blocks from the hotel she and her cousins were staying at, her heart was broken up because of what she witnessed. As she and her cousins were heading back to their hotel room, she witnessed a multitude of homeless people. There were older and younger people, mostly African-Americans, human beings, who were out in the elements with no shelter. She was alarmed at what she saw and, in connecting with those homeless citizens, was emotionally stirred to action. Upon returning home to Charlotte, she was constantly reminded of her experience in Atlanta and was called to act on what she’d seen.

Several months passed, and Mrs. Edwards met with another woman who shared her mission of creating affordable housing and support services for chronically homeless people. She was just getting started, and Shalakee volunteered to collaborate, with the hope that she could gain more knowledge of the issues facing homeless communities. As a result of her learning, Shalakee was able to identify ways that she could help.

There have been setbacks, but our founder persevered, believing that she was called to this purpose. She could not shake the feeling that helping the homeless was her calling. As time passed, she could not stop thinking about this social crisis. She knew that there were people waiting for her help, whether they were aware of it or not. Day and night she worked to realize her purpose. She came to understand that in order to be most effective, she must collaborate with both faith-based and secular organizations. As she began to research and develop relations with other organizations and agencies currently active in Charlotte, NC, she was disheartened by the numerous obstacles in the way but her passion and spirit knew no bounds.

While learning about more about what this mission would require, Shalakee began to think of others in her life who would take up this cause alongside her. She pulled together like-minded individuals to help with the execution of her vision, and later they became the Board of Directors for Carolinas Hierarchy of Needs.

Shalakee founded Carolinas Hierarchy of Needs, which aims to address chronic homelessness and educate privileged individuals on how they can play a role in transforming the lives of others. In March 2016, Carolinas Hierarchy of Needs (CHN) was incorporated in the state of North Carolina as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The current location of our principal office is 1716 Emily Hope Drive Charlotte, NC 28214.